Leadership Defined

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August 5 – 11, 2018


We’re more than just a Conference. We’re an Experience.

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While nothing can ever replace the University Experience we offer with Pennsylvania DeMolay, we would like to share a series of educational posts for anyone in DeMolay to use to improve their leadership style, their Chapters and their DeMolay Program.
Communications & Media

The study of spoken, electronic, and written communication and the comprehensive study of the art of getting the word out.

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Brotherhood & Membership

The basics of how to maintain and grow membership in your home chapter by innovating on tried-and-true techniques and real world examples.

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Ritual & Performance

A broad overview of the elements of memorizing, understanding, and performing ritual in a realistic setting.

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Chapter Leadership

Development of key leadership styles, traits of a good leader, and an interactive opportunities to hone in on and expand these skills.

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Event & Program Planning

Planning, promotion and execution of informal and formal events, including setting agendas, inviting guests, and working within a budget.

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Interpersonal Development

Assisting others in managing professional and personal relationships, communicating coherently, and presenting effectively.

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What’s New?

Brotherhood & Membership
November 6, 2017

Top 10 Get to Know DeMolay Events your Chapter Can Try

One of the best ways to share the fun and excitement that we enjoy in DeMolay is to invite our friends and classmates who are not familiar with DeMolay to…

Brotherhood & Membership
October 26, 2017

Defining Brotherhood

The following blog post is from Brother Kody Anderson, Region E Youth Representative and a member of Elizabethtown Chapter.  From the very first day I joined DeMolay, I noticed that…

Chapter Leadership
October 2, 2017

Becoming Master Councilor

Hello, my name is Danny Amon, currently Senior Councilor of Northeast Chapter, and I am going to be running for Master Councilor of our next term. The reason I want…

Leadership Defined