KeyMan University

August 4 – 10, 2019

Over 30 years of Defining Leadership.

Welcome to KeyMan, one of the oldest active leadership conferences offered by DeMolay. KeyMan is a week-long event focused on preparing young men to be better leaders, brothers, and community members.


Since its inception over 30 years ago, PA DeMolay’s KeyMan Conference (“KMC”) has been preparing top quality leaders for service in their home Chapters and Jurisdictions. We’re proud to have trained thousands of new DeMolays, Chapter Officers, Jurisdictional Officers and Advisors from all over the U.S. and Canada.

From a humble start as a local, PA-only gig, we’ve come a long way! Since 2014, we’ve taken the KeyMan University idea and enhanced it to a whole new level. Since then, we’ve taken this idea a giant leap further, making it an even better event and a one-of-a-kind experience.

The KMU Model

The KeyMan University Model pivots around a few major tenants of a DeMolay Chapter’s success; a Chapter-based reality program, an integrated Minor education by experienced advisors, leadership mentoring opportunities from Jurisdictional Leaders and Chapter-based committees where the attendees learn how to run a business meeting.

The take on the KeyMan University Conference is meant to be centered on “U” – the active DeMolay! KeyMan University takes a depth-first approach of Chapter and personal development and spend the week learning how you can apply these concepts to your DeMolay Chapter and your life.

We’ve recruited the some of the best DeMolay advisors from PA and around the country. These adult leaders are experts in the content they teach, and their job is to give you the tools you need to make your DeMolay experience as successful as it can be.

There are lots of opportunities to learn and grow outside of your Major. Interesting electives, classes in personal growth, extracurricular activities, and more will keep you engaged and entertained, and will round out and complete your KeyMan experience.

Leadership Defined