If you want to be at the peak of your game playing basketball or soccer, you practice dribbling. If you want to be playing lacrosse you practice cradling. What do you practice if you want to be at your peak of DeMolay? Why your practice brotherhood of course!

Brotherhood is part of something called “social capital.” Social capital is an economic sounding word that political scientists and sociologists have used to describe people doing repetitive social actions. The basic gist is: The more people perform certain social actions – voting, volunteering, donating, organizing – the better they become at doing. If you vote once, you’re more likely to vote again, if you vote twice, you’re even more likely to vote. So how does this apply to DeMolay? If you act brotherly once, you’re going to act brotherly again. The same way your three point shot improves after repeated practice so will your ability to be brotherly.

The Brotherhood and Membership Track (BAM!) is a great way to hone these skills! If you sign up for BAM! You will do a number of these brotherhood builders, creating positive environments for brotherhood, and then learn how to conduct and host your own to go back and teach your brothers.

  1. Creating a positive environment: Brotherhood is like any living thing. It needs the right environment to grow and needs to be nurtured. We will discuss different ways to create an environment that promotes and enhances your DeMolay Experience.
  2. Taking it back home: The work that we do at KeyMan can’t just stay with us for a week. Brotherhood And Membership (BAM!) provides you the critical skillsets you need to be able to apply the lessons that you have learned back to your chapter.

KeyMan University is only a few short weeks away and we look forward to being able to share this awesome experience!