Frequently Asked Questions

About the Conference

Who is able to attend the Conference?

At this time, the conference is open to all active members of DeMolay in Pennsylvania and Beyond. We encourage brand new members to attend to get the most out of your DeMolay Experience. Talk to your Chapter Advisor and submit an application when they open!


Applications from outside of Pennsylvania must be approved by your respective Executive Officer prior. 

What Chapter will I be in?

We have developed an attendee placement system that enables our Chapters to be filled with attendees with members of many different leadership styles, experience and ages.

Where is the Conference Hosted?

The Grand Master on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and the Masonic Village has graciously allowed us to use Patton Campus as our annual conference location.

Patton Campus is a 3-Building, 165 bed facility with a full-size heated swimming pool, inside and outside gym and a catered dining room for all meals.

KeyManU Online Education

What is the Educational Portal?

Pennsylvania DeMolay has been host to the conference for well over thirty years. With the effort of growing with the times and innovating when we can, Pennsylvania DeMolay and the KeyMan University administration is proud to announce KeyManU.


KeyManU is what YOU want to learn, how YOU want to improve and how YOU can get the best DeMolay experience through online tutorials and workshops from your own home!

Workshops and tutorials from all different walks of life, focusing on our primary courses, we offer free DeMolay-related education to all members, advisors and supports of DeMolay.

How many workshops are there?

As this program expands, we will be taking on new staff to develop additional online workshops and enhancing the program.

Is this replacing the KeyMan University Conference?

In short, NO! Really though, we have no intentions of ever replacing the conference. KeyManU is here to enhance the program and encourage members to truly ‘take it home’ when it comes to what they learn at the conference.

How do I get Involved?

We’re always open to new ideas and how-to’s provided by members, advisors and especially past KeyMan University alumni!


If you’d like to work on a workshop, reach out to the staff by clicking here.

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