KeyMan University in 2017

Each year, we strive to bring you the same quality you expect from the KeyMan Conference. However, that doesn’t mean we intend to keep things the same! After all,

Ancora Imparo!

“I am still learning.” We have all been learning together since we started KMU in 2014, and even since the beginning of KeyMan itself. We incorporate feedback from you, the attendees; our staff; and advisors from PA and beyond. We want to make KMU as relevant for you as we possibly can, and that means we need to keep learning.

The DeMolay Education track

We’re introducing a brand new track for brand new members of the Order: DeMolay Education. This track will cover everything a new member of DeMolay needs to know to get started in the organization, including Chapter structure and function, components of the DeMolay program, and ways to get the most out of membership. This Department is recommended for all those who have been active with the organization for less than a year, and will be filled by placement only.

Develop Interpersonally

Also new this year: The Interpersonal Development Department. Taking the place of Education and Personal Development, Interpersonal Development is designed to take the skills taught through DeMolay one step further, by putting them into practice in real life scenarios. With an emphasis on social skills and communication, this brand new Department will teach members to interact, mentor, and lead through a variety of techniques and practices that can be applied to their experiences in Chapters, schools, and everyday life.

Sweethearts Branching Out

Chapter Sweethearts have long had a track of their very own at KeyMan. While it provided a great opportunity to study the organization and the role of the Sweetheart in depth, they asked for more variety and greater integration with the Conference. We listened! Debuted¬†in 2016, all attending Sweethearts will be permitted to apply for any Department they choose (except Ritual and Performance, for obvious reasons)! We believe that Sweethearts should be able to assist your Chapters in whichever way suits them best, and we hope that allowing them to learn a Department in depth is the best way to ensure their success. The Sweetheart track will still be offered as a minor, and we’ll require any Sweetheart attending the conference to take it.

Youth Director Led Program

You spoke and we listened: the Department Crown program is due to be revamped and integrated more fully into the KMU experience. Our Youth Director is hard at work on the details of the new program – check back in on our blog for more details as we approach the conference!

Online Applications

Starting in Spring 2017, we’re accepting KMU applications electronically! Electronic applications allow us to record and track the information you submit more easily than paper forms, and it saves the trees! Or, at least, it means “Dad” Berry doesn’t have to use the scanner quite so much. Don’t forget to include the two other required pieces of documentation: the PA DeMolay Medical Release and the KMU Signature Form. Both can be found on the Resources page.